South asian strong


Meet Gurneet Kalra

Fix the health and physiques of my skinny-fat Indian brothers and sisters all over the world with tailored Health and Fitness guidance.

My name is Gurneet Kalra, and I used to be Skinny-Fat growing up.

That means I was skinny everywhere except around my belly. Not to mention that I had little muscle to speak of. At the age of 15, I started working out diligently and eating “properly” hoping it would get better. I listened to all the mainstream fitness advice and followed it to the letter.

I got much bigger, stronger, and even leaner, but I still did not look like how I “should” have. Here is me several years later and 40-50 pounds heavier from the ages of 18-20:

Anyone else (non-South Asian) would have had their dream physique by now, right out of a fitness magazine. However no matter what workout program, diet plan or supplements I tried, or however many bulking/cutting cycles I went through, I could not achieve that elusive six-pack, and hence the “ideal” physique I saw in popular media.

And I started to wonder why?

For the last 7 years, I have been on a quest. To fully understand why South Asians/Indians are built the way they are. Why “Skinny-Fatness” affects us much more so than any other population in the world.

I have found the answer. Actually I glimpsed it pretty early on.

But I hadn’t yet come up with a definitive way to conquer this condition once and for all. A plan beyond the western paradigm of cookiecutter stand-alone workout programs, diets, and lifestyle changes.

I needed to devise a new health and fitness Philosophy that merged modern science, strength and conditioning with our unique culture, lifestyle and genetics.

A Way of Living that merged east and west together seamlessly, so that following it would be natural and “effortless”.

This is the home of that Way of Life. Welcome to South Asian Strong.